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long shadow icons


long shadow icons

For these icons, I really wanted to make the most of the colour pallet - so they are all quite bold and brightly coloured (of course, if you choose to download the SVG you can re-colour the icons however you wish). The long drop-shadow gives the icon real weight - transforming the flat image to a more three dimensional one. There is no essential theme to this set, so you will find all sorts of different icons here.



astrology icons


astrological symbols

For some time now, I have been on the look-out for decent astrological icons. Considering how popular astrology is, astrological symbols do seem few and far between. So, I decided to draw my own set of symbols and make them available free for personal use. I've included all of the zodiac symbols, the major aspects, planets and the larger asteroids, there are also a few other symbols that are essential for a chart, such as the lunar nodes.




community icons


global community faces

From a generic 'face' template, I have developed a community of different faces. The whole point of this icon project is to be as inclusive as possible - and to draw faces from all over the world. To remedy the general trend for light-skinned dominance over the internet, I have drawn images of all races, creeds and colours… and - of course - people with impairments and disabilities are represented too.




shopping icons


shopping icons

This is a set of grayscale icons ideal for online shopping/banking. The set includes all the traditional shopping style icons and a few more future-proof icons such as 'contactless paypoint' and 'bitcoin wallet'. I kept to the grayscale to make the icons fit with the majority of colour schemes. However, if you download the SVG, you may colour the icons as you see fit.




lifestyle icons


alt.lifestyle icons

This is a slowly growing collection of "Alternative Lifestyles" icons. Find here a combination of New Age and alterative, left-field concepts. Yoga is in there a number of times, as is meditation, palmestry and LSD. I'm trying to capture the essence of the hippie / bohemian; maybe it needs a dash of beatnik.







Post-modern icons (or small illustrations if you prefer). The term postmodernism has been applied to a host of movements, mainly in art, music, and literature, that reacted against tendencies in modernism; usually self-aware and self-referencing, postmodern ideas often reject the mainstream theories and 'meta-narratives' in favour of a mixing of styles and a collection of narratives.




Online Icons

There are literally thousands of icons available online for free. Some simple and linear, others flat, and others more complex and multi coloured (or skeuomorphic if that floats your boat). Available as different image files, as code files and as fonts; it only takes a short cursory search to reveal just how prolific people have been with these resources. Try starting with the following link from Creative Bloq:

30 Free Icon Sets

Full List of Icons

Click on an icon for more information and for download options.

Long Shadow Icons

  • artwork

    Painter's palette.

  • desktop publishing
    Desktop publishing

    Print document being edited; showing printers marks.

  • graphic design
    Graphic design.

    Business stationery set.

  • photography

    SLR Camera.

  • responsive design
    Responsive web design

    Three common devices (screen formats).

  • support work
    Support work

    Person within a supportive palm.

  • universal access
    Universal access

    Established disability symbol.

  • web design
    Web design

    Paintbrush against screen

  • education
    Higher education

    Graduation cap with degree certificate.

  • mental health
    Mental health

    Brain with cogs.

  • origami

    Traditional origami crane.

  • laptop

    Open laptop computer.

  • astrology

    Astrology diagram/chart.

  • Poetry

    Quill and ink bottle.

  • passport

    Passport with globe.

  • medicine bottle
    Medicine Bottle

    Medicine bottle.

  • non-binary gender symbol
    Non-binary Gender

    Symbol for Gender Non-binary.

  • contract with signature

    Signature on contract.

  • hand with finger touching

    touch-screen icon

  • Earth globe

    Earth icon

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    All Long Shadow Icons in SVG format zipped file.
    All Long Shadow Icons in PNG format zipped file.
    All Long Shadow Icons in ico format zipped file.

    Astrology Icons

  • Ascendant

    The Mask

  • Ceres

    Food, agriculture, nurturing, motherhood.

  • Chiron

    The Wounded Healer

  • Conjunction

    Energies that are United

  • Juno

    Helpless Feeling. Marriage.

  • Jupiter

    Faith, Expansion, Law, Philosophy

  • Mars

    Assertion, Sex Drive, Energy

  • Mercury

    Mind, Thought, Communication

  • Midhaven

    Approach to the World

  • Moon

    Needs, Emotions, Conditioning, Nurturing

  • Neptune

    Mystery, Obscurity, Intuition, Imagination

  • North Node

    Karma, Animamundi, Connections

  • South Node

    Karma, Seperation, Sacrafice

  • Opposition

    Relationships, Division

  • Pallas

    Peace from War

  • Pluto

    Transformation, Underworld

  • Quincunx

    Very Harmonious, Gets Along Well

  • Retrograde

    Apparent Movement Backwards

  • Saturn

    Constraint, Fear, Denial

  • Sextile

    Powerful talents, intelligent use of energies

  • Square


  • Sun

    Individualisation, Vitality

  • Trine

    Accepting, Supportive

  • Uranus

    Disruption, Revolution, Chaos

  • Venus

    Love, Harmony, Beauty

  • Vesta

    Workaholic, Celebate

  • Aquarius

    Consciousness, Humanitarian

  • Aries

    Witty, Clever, Humanitarian

  • Capricorn

    Responsible, Patient, Ambitious

  • Gemini

    Communicator, Dual Nature

  • Scorpio

    Loyal, Passionate, Resourceful

  • Sagittarius


  • Taurus

    Dependable, Persistent, Loyal

  • All Astrology Icons in SVG format zipped file.
    All Astrology Icons in PNG format zipped file.
    All Astrology Icons in ico format zipped file.

    Global Community Faces Icons

  • face 001: Mason
    Face 001: Mason

    United Kingdom

  • face 002: Principio
    Face 002: Principio


  • face 003: Birgit
    Face 003: Birgit


  • face 004: Murilo Gomes
    Face 004: Murilo Gomes


  • face 005: Cammy
    Face 005: Cammy


  • face 006: Petr
    Face 006: Petr

    Czech Republic

  • face 007: Yochanan
    Face 007: Yochanan


  • face 008: Atian
    Face 008: Atian


  • face 009: Jata
    Face 009: Jata


  • face 010: Duane
    Face 010: Duane


  • face 011: Veniamin
    Face 011: Veniamin


  • face 012: Manaaki
    Face 012: Manaaki

    New Zealand

  • face 013: Yehoshua
    Face 013: Yehoshua


  • face 014: Seo-yun
    Face 014: Seo-yun

    South Korea

  • face 015: Mateusz
    Face 015: Mateusz


  • face 016: Kiyoshi
    Face 016: Kiyoshi


  • face 017: Doutzen
    Face 017: Doutzen

    The Netherlands

  • face 018: Sister Alejandra
    Face 018: Sister Alejandra


  • All Global Community Faces Icons in SVG format zipped file.
    All Global Community Faces Icons in PNG format zipped file.
    All Global Community Faces Icons in ico format zipped file.

    Greyscale Shopping Icons

  • shop open sign

    Shop 'Open' sign.

  • shop closed sign

    Shop 'Closed' sign.

  • money, notes
    Money notes

    Cash. Money, notes.

  • paypal

    PayPal card.

  • ATM

    ATM cash point

  • bitcoin wallet
    Bitcoin Wallet

    Bitcoin wallet

  • contactless card

    Contactless debit/credit card.

  • Pay-point, contactless

    Pay-point, contactless.

  • Bank Building

    Bank Building.

  • Credit Card, Mastercard
    Credit Card


  • Credit Card, Visa
    Credit Card


  • Debit Card
    Debit Card

    Universal Debit Card

  • Exchange

    Pound for Euro

  • Exchange
    Exchange 2

    Pound for Dollar

  • Mobile Banking
    Mobile Banking

    Mobile Phone

  • Money Coins
    Money Coins

    Pile of Coins

  • Money Notes Coins
    Money Notes Coins

    Pile of Coins & Notes

  • New Sign

    Starburst Sign

  • Sale Sign

    Starburst Sign

  • Special Offer Sign
    Special Offer

    Starburst Sign

  • Wallet

    Money Wallet

  • PIN Pay Point
    Paypoint PIN

    Chip & PIN Device

  • All Shopping Icons in SVG format zipped file.
    All Shopping Icons in PNG format zipped file.
    All Shopping Icons in ico format zipped file.

    Lifestyle Icons

  • meditation

    Lotus Flower.

  • yoga

    Lotus Position.

  • yoga samādhi


  • palmestry

    Palmestry Chart.

  • orange

    Orange Fruit

  • watermelon

    Watermelon Slice.

  • wine bottle

    Wine Bottle & Glass

  • wine glass

    Wine Glass.

  • wine glass

    Single Candle.

  • All Lifestyle Icons in SVG format zipped file.
    All Lifestyle Icons in PNG format zipped file.
    All Lifestyle Icons in ico format zipped file.


  • cctv

    CCTV camera.

  • clockwork orange
    Clockwork Orange

    Stylised film costume.

  • mona lisa
    Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa-style painting.

  • mondrian

    Mondrian-style painting.

  • architecture

    Postmodern architecture.

  • fountain

    Duchamp's Fountain

  • moustache

    Moustache and glasses

  • marilyn

    Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

  • straight couple
    Couple Straight

    Heterosexual Couple.

  • gay couple
    Couple Gay

    Male Couple

  • lesbian couple
    Couple Lesbian

    Female Couple

  • postmodern chair

    Postmodern Chair

  • The Treachery of Images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe)
    Magritte's Pipe

    Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

  • Monopoly Game House

    Green Monopoly House

  • Monopoly Game Houses

    Group of Monopoly Houses

  • old-style cassette

    Old Style Cassette

  • old-style cassette

    Soviet Style Space Suit

  • darlek invaider

    Dr.WHO Villain

  • gas mask
    Gas Mask

    Assisted Breathing Equipment

  • gas mask

    Soviet Style Lenin Poster

  • gas mask
    Lichtenstein Portrait

    Roy Lichtenstein Style ‘Crying Woman’

  • gas mask

    The Classic Eight-Ball of Pool

  • the false Maria robot from Metropolis

    Rotwang’s Robot from Metropolis

  • the false Maria robot from Metropolis
    The Scream

    Edvard Munsch’s ‘The Scream’ (section)

  • All Postmodernicons in SVG format zipped file.
    All Postmodernicons in PNG format zipped file.
    All Postmodernicons in ico format zipped file.