Original Icons

Some of the icons are based on traditional designs that have become considered classic motifs. Others are quite different and have been conjoured up on the drawing board. All have been finally put together in Adobe Illustrator. If we're being a little pedantic - then it is true, some of the illustrations are really too complex to be considered 'icons' but for consistency, I still refer to them as such.

Download for Free

Feel free to download whatever icon designs you may wish to use in your own personal projects. You may use the icons as-is or you may alter, modify or change them in any way. You may wish to make a donation, which is more than welcome, especially if you use the designs in a commercial project; if you choose not to donate, then a link back to this site is requested.


Each of the icons are available as png, svg and ico files. For most of your needs, the png files will suffice, but if you need to use the added advantage of being able to customise the icons, or animate them, then you'll want svg. ico is a file format for icons on Windows & can be used for that environment.